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Aerial Firefighting Company

How Airplane Firefighting Helped To Save Australia During The 2020 Bushfire Season

The 2020 bushfire season in Australia was nothing short of terrifying. People were killed, habitats were devastated, and homes were destroyed. While there is reason to grieve these horrific losses, it’s also important to know that Australians did all that they could to preserve as much of their home as possible. Aeroplane firefighting played a large role in containing and eventually extinguishing the bushfires.


Aeroplane firefighting is an important part of fire safety and suppression. While some bushfires are unavoidable, an aerial firefighting company is able to use planes and unique onboard technology to locate and extinguish fires faster than fighting the fire from the ground alone. Aeroplane firefighting works to extinguish fires in two ways. Some aeroplane firefighters work to put out fires with water. This can be especially helpful in areas where natural water sources are fairly plentiful, such as when fires occur near the ocean, lakes, or rivers. Aeroplanes are able to fill up with water at these natural sources, and then dispense the water over the fire.


Other aerial firefighting companies use chemical suppression to help put out fires, and to prevent fires from spreading any further. In the past, chemical suppression methods were not ideal because they harmed the environment that they were intending to help. They hurt animals and plants and could prove dangerous for humans returning to the area after the fire was put out. Today’s chemical suppression methods are much safer, and no longer post a threat to people, animals, or the environment.


At Kennedy Air, we’re proud to partner with government, private, and volunteer agencies that are working hard to keep Australia safe. We know how hard it can be to acquire the technology necessary to effectively fight fires from the air, and we’re proud to provide our best equipment and pilots to help get the job done right. As Australia continues to work to recover from the 2020 bushfires, it’s imperative that we prepare for the next bushfire season. Give Kennedy Air a call today to talk about how our aerial firefighting company can partner with you to help keep Australia safe.

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