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fleet of Air Tractor 802 and Fire boss aircraft in Australia


Fire boss australia

Kennedy Air operates a fleet of Fire Boss Aircraft. No other air tanker attacks wildland/urban interface fires with the agility, tempo and cost effectiveness of the 802F Fire Boss.

Capable of delivering more than 50 000L per hour to the fire ground when operating near a water source.

The Fire Boss is the most economic, high performance and reliable amphibious aircraft in the world today. The aircraft can operate from either airports with traditional aircraft loading or scoop from suitable sized water bodies. 

Detailed specifications of the AT802F are available here:

AT-802A  Single Engine Air Tanker (SEAT)
Air tractor 802a

Kennedy Air operate a fleet of AT-802F aircraft. The Air Tractor AT-802F has long been regarded as the benchmark for Single Engine Air Tankers (S.E.A.T's) worldwide, with its safety, reliability and maneuverability around the fire line. Our AT-802's are fitted with the ever-dependable Pratt and Whitney PT6A-67 engines turning the super quiet 5 bladed Hartzell propeller at 1700 RPM.


We have had all of our aircraft fitted with long range fuel tanks to provide the client with an efficient platform for long-range missions, fire spotting and patrolling, or continuous fire suppression operations for extended periods.


Aero Commander AC500s
Water bombing aircraft

Ideal for charter, freight, observation and reconnaissance, bird dog or as a lead plane aircraft.

Crew: One pilot

Capacity:  Six passengers

Speed: 350km/hr 

Range: 2,000 km

Trip examples:

         Sydney to Brisbane:        2hr 25min

         Gunnedah to Griffith:     1hr 45min

         Gunnedah to Emerald:   2hr 45min

Features: Cabin class, air-conditioned, multi-engine safety, best-in-class visibility, camera hatch.

Kennedy air
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