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Fire retardant
WATER bombing aircraft

Aerial firefighting, air attack, mapping and crew transfer


Kennedy Air Ag provide Single Engine Air Tanker (SEAT), helicopter bucketing and both fixed wing and helicopter air attack and mapping platforms to State and Federal Government agencies. Our aircraft are supported by tankers for Jet A-1 and retardant/suppressant; allowing us to provide a complete aerial fire fighting solution from any location.


Supporting government firefighting agencies and volunteer organisations, we have been able to provide safe, efficient and effective aerial fire suppression services over a wide range of bushlands, coastal heath, alpine mountains and grasslands in the rugged Australian landscape.


All aircraft are equipped with computer-controlled load delivery systems (also known as "Bomb Doors") which can split it into several loads. Our experienced pilots can also select the coverage level of suppressant via the cockpit interface computer to provide the most effective use of product for the particular fire situation.


As part of providing contracted services to both State and Federal Government agencies, our aircraft have had to pass rigorous auditing processes and achieve near flawless dispatch reliabilities. We are always striving to surpass the benchmarks set by our contracting agencies to provide a safe, efficient and effective service.

Kennedy Air conducting lead plane operations for the Large Air Tanker (LAT) in Western Australia in the summer of the 2020 fire season. 























Kennedy Air appeared on Sunrise, one of Australia's morning breakfast shows! Click on the photo to watch the interview.

Kennedy Air provides aircraft firefighting services in Australia using Air Tractor aircraft. This includes the AT-802f, Fire Boss, fire boss aircraft, Fire Boss Australia.

The fire boss is a highly modified AT-802 Air Tractor from Wipaire. The Fire Boss is used in Australia to combat Bushfires. A Fire Boss is an amphibious water scooper aircraft used for Firefighting. Kennedy Air operates the aircraft VH-XAT, VH-XAJ, XAV is Also known as bomber 455, bomber 266, bomber 288.

Kids waving at airtractor fireboss
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