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Fire Suppression Services


At Kennedy Air, we're dedicated to providing fire suppression services, like utilizing our precision AT-802f planes, that help to keep the people of Australia safe. We understand that many people are new to the idea of aerial firefighting companies Australia, and we'd like to provide an overview of how utilizing aerial fire suppression services can help to eliminate bushfires.

There are two types of fire suppression Australia planes that we use: fixed wing aircraft (like the AT-802f) and helicopters. Both of these options allow us to maneuver quickly, getting where we need to be as fast as possible. We're able to adjust our altitude in seconds, letting us dip down to treat fires and soar back up to survey the area and see where our immediate attention is needed next.

Our helicopters allow us to pick up water from anywhere and take it where it's needed. This means that we can utilize lakes, oceans, and rivers, rather than relying on the pumps used by the fire department. This ability to refill anywhere helps us to get water where it's needed, fast.

In addition to using helicopters with water bombs to stop fires, we use chemical fire suppression Australia methods. This can aid in both stopping fire in its tracks as well as preventing fires from spreading further. It's vital to have an aerial view of fires in order to use chemical suppression properly. The chemical fire suppressants of the past proved to be harmful to plants and wildlife. Today's chemical fire suppression methods are safe for the environment. We recognize the importance of preserving the environment we're working to save, and not doing further harm. While fire suppression chemicals are widely as safe, we use as little as possible to get the job done.

Our planes are wired with the latest technology to allow our specially trained pilots to target and extinguish fires. In the past, figuring out where to drop water bombs and chemical fire suppressants was a guessing game. Today, technology takes the guesswork out of exactly where fire suppression services are needed. Combining fire suppression technology with the expertise of experienced pilots allows us to work quickly and accurately.

If you work with a governmental or volunteer organisation and you're on the search for a professional fire suppression company, Kennedy Air is here to work with you to meet your needs. Reach out to us today to learn more about our professional fire suppression methods, and how we can add to the efforts you're already making to keep bushfires under control.

Fire Suppression Services: What You Need To Know

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